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Who We Are
What is Archaeology?

SEFAS IS A 501C 3 Not for profit corporation dedicated to teaching the public about the importance of the past.

Find us on the web at SEFAS.org or phone 772-285-3514


Archaeology is the study of the human past by analysis of the material remains such as artifacts (an object used or manufactured by humans), or ecofacts (nonartifactual remains such as seeds, bones, plant pollen found in archaeological sites).

Archaeology is a branch of anthropology: the study of human kind’s many cultures and societies, extant and extinct, from an all encompassing holistic approach.

Today, evidence of their unique cultures can be seen as archaeologists continue to uncover the mysteries of past lifeways.

Florida’s Past

Florida’s history dates back 13,000 years when the State of Florida was inhabited by Paleoindians who hunted the giant mammoth with stone-tipped spears. About 800 years ago, the native American Indians many complex civilizations and societies with extensive economic, social and political systems in place.

How We Started

SEFAS was organized in 1996, incorporated in 1998, and is now a 501-c-3 non-profit organization.

SEFAS is a chapter of the Florida Anthropological Society which was founded in 1947


SEFAS is dedicated to the greater understanding of archaeology and the preservation of Florida’s archaeological resources as well as the information they contain.

SEFAS encourages and supports archaeological research, publication and education.

SEFAS provides a formal means whereby professional and amateur archaeologists can come together for mutual benefit.


SEFAS is funded by membership dues and sponsor donations, as well as grants for research and education projects, and fees from outreach projects.

SEFAS also accepts contributions from those interested in the protection and preservation of Florida’s archaeological resources.